Saturday, 3 November 2018

November meeting

The meeting on 15th November will be Maria Thomas - 'The View From Where I Am Standing'.
Christmas lunch tickets will be on sale and magnets available for those participating in the swap.

New name and October meeting

The speaker at the October meeting was Bex Raven 'Queen of Rust' who explained how we could  'Embrace our inner Wabi Sabi'


Thursday, 11 October 2018

AGM and October meeting

The AGM was short and sweet as usual! There was a display of pieces from workshops, some travelling books and entries for the Chair's challenge  - lots to look at.
A fascinating talk on hedgehogs followed by coffee and cake completed an excellent start to the season.
The October meeting will be a talk by Bex Raven on 'Embracing your inner Wabi Sabi'

Saturday, 8 September 2018

September meeting

Hopefully you have all had a good summer and are looking forward to our exciting Autumn events.
We start on September 20th with the AGM.
The actual meeting will be very short and after that we have surprises!
Hope to see you all then.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Stevie Walker

Stevie's talk 'Patterns of The Earth' for the June meeting was very interesting and inspiring.
She brought lots of work for us to look at and led an excellent one and a half day workshop entitled 'cloth landscapes'

Saturday, 19 May 2018

A bit of a catch up!

We need a bit of a catch up on here!

Our April meeting was a talk by Kathleen Laurel Sage  'Transparent Images - Stitching with plastic'.

Some very interesting work on display

This was followed by a one and half day workshop where some of us realised how hard it must be to produce  items such as these.  Not an easy medium to work with!

May meeting was 'A Personal Journey' by Sara Rickard.
Sara brought many examples of her colourful, interesting work.


This is Horatio Hare which Sara painted for 2017 Cotswold Art Trail - further pictures of her work can be found here:  

The next meeting - June will be Stevie Walker talking about  'Patterns of The Earth''.
This is followed by a one and a half day workshop on 'Cloth Landscapes'.
Here are a few examples of Stevie's work:

Finally!  Details of The Embroiderers' Guild 2019 challenge :

Members’ Challenge Competition 2018/2019
The title this year is ‘LIFE’S RICH PATTERN’. We had a wonderful response to ‘UNDERFOOT’, last year’s competition and the judging panel felt that this year’s subject again has great potential for interpretation and style, examples of the some ways in which the title can be interpreted are listed below together with images shown above.
- Tattoos/scarification.
- Inside the body.
- Journey through life – special occasions that punctuate our lives and make us who we are. - Memoirs.
- Patterns that are formed as part of a culture or religion.
- Mosaics/floor tiles/ (Ravenna, St Marks floor etc).
- Juxtaposition of pattern and cultures.
- Rhythm of life.
- Pattern within nature (seed heads, petals, scales,camouflage).
- The changing seasons.
- Repetition.

Further details and entry form can be found on the Guild website.

Saturday, 12 May 2018